UVENTA™ Urethral Stent

UVENTA™ Urethral Stent


benign and malignant urethral obstruction.UVENTA™ Urethral Stent is intended for maintaining urethral patency in .benign and malignant .urethral obstruction


● Stent : Fully Silicone Covered to prevent tissue in-growth

   – Different magnitudes of segmental radial force may reduce reactive hyperplasia.
   – Three (3) platinum radiopaque markers at each end of the stent.
   – Four (4) anti-migration anchors at the distal end prevent the risk of migration.
   – Retrieval string facilitates easy removal of the stent.

advantages of uventa urethral stent

● Delivery System : Stent Pre-loaded
   – The stent is pre-loaded in the delivery system. 
   – Deployment is easy and intuitive with our pull-back type delivery system.
   –  Four (4) radiopaque markers on the delivery system to help accurate positioning of the stent under fluoroscopic view.

what is uventa urethral stent