Aqlane Medical

AQLANE Medical™ is a privately owned medical device company based in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands, focused on the provision of novel bioresorbable medical solutions that are safe, effective and cost beneficial for the treatment of voiding dysfunctions. Our aim is to become a first choice for minimally invasive bioresorbable solutions for voiding dysfunctions.

We operate based on our experience and expertise in the functionalization of bioresorbable polymers and gels in relation to desired device safety and efficacy performance characteristics. Bioresorbable medical polymers are very attractive because of their ease of bioresorption by hydrolysis of ester linkages and the non-toxic bioresorption products, which are resorbed through normal metabolic pathways and readily excreted. These polymers have been used in various commercial FDA and CE approved medical devices since the 60’s. Gel components like carboxymethylcellulose are well known viscosity agents with unique elasticity and viscosity characteristics. Different polymer and viscosity formulations can be tailored to meet the required performance.

Urolon, a novel Bioresorbable Urethral Implant

The unique proprietary soft tissue augmentation technology platform is the basis of our bioresorbable medical polymer and gel formulations. Our core strategy, supported by the continuous strengthening and expansion of our organization, is leveraging Urolon™, a novel bioresorbable urethral implant and a first-in-its-class treatment for female stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Urinary incontinence such as SUI exacts a high price, financially and in terms of quality of life, and has a substantial impact on individuals, health care organizations, insurers, and society as a whole. We believe Urolon™ to be the ideal minimally invasive treatment for mild to moderate SUI in adult females.