We started our mission in order to enhance the Lifestyle Quality of people and making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs and with very personal and private medical conditions.


As a medical device supplier in Iran, ValaNik offers a comprehensive array of services encompassing salesforce, education, customized solutions, customer service, warehousing and logistics, equipment servicing, quality management, market research and feasible studies and regulatory.


We have sales agents and representatives covering all hospitals whole the Country.
We have a strong infrastructure for marketing and promoting.


We have a dedicated team to help customers with all inquiries related to our products and after sales services. Our skilled team are here and ready to help.


We have a partner in Dubai (the United Arab Emirates) with logistic role to increase global reach, provide support and enhance services all while improving health care support.


We are well-known in our market especially from scientific points of view due to have training courses, scientific debates about our products and advice surgeons in ORs. We have arranged many seminars and workshops for our customers.


We are in touch with strong and reliable transport companies. We will be glad in case you need any kind of assistance in getting legal permissions for exportation of your products to Iran.

Services and cooperation

Our experience in various markets provides us with the expertise to assess opportunities and ensure successful product launches. We place great importance and value on market research generated by our representatives in the field as well as through headquartered personnel. In each market, portfolio brands are supported by a dedicated team of marketing and sales professionals with extensive backgrounds in consumer goods (special areas).

As a result of our engagement with public and private healthcare providers in select markets,  ValaNik has a well-developed model to win and manage both public and private tenders.
To discuss any business opportunity, please contact us at Commerce@valanik.com

We have had correlation with representatives around the world from the most reliable and reputable manufacturers in order to collect the newest medical tools to be utilized for medical treatment and analyzing the corresponding results.
We are proud to be known as one of the most reputable companies in this fields.
At present, we are representing below companies exclusively:

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