The focusing mechanism directs each shock to a specific point on the body. Modus ED SWT is used in physiotherapy, orthopaedics, veterinary medicine and urology, as well as in the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder, commonly known as impotence. With shock wave therapy, it uses acoustic waves to initiate the process of neovascularization in certain parts of the body. As a result of neovascularization, new blood vessels form. Due to increased penile blood supply with the formation of new vessels, the body’s natural erectile system returns to its normal state.

Since Modus ED SWT is a non-invasive treatment method, no surgery is performed on the patient. The patient resumes his daily life where he left off after sessions of approximately 20 minutes.

Targeted Product Features


    • The Modus ED SWT focus provides pulses up to 4 Hz and 0.25 MJ.

    • Header options are offered for transmission of shock waves with penetration depth ranging from 0 to 80 mm.

    • Portable, you can treat it anywhere, anytime.

    • It offers visual, written, and video self-expression information with ready-to-use processing programs. (Guide to Indications and Pathological Applications)

    • It provides an archive support to the user with the patient registration and follow-up menu.

    • The ability to change frequency and power settings during treatment makes it easy to use.

    • Parameters set during the treatment are easily visible from the device screen and changes can be made during the treatment.

    • The generator and manual unit are maintenance free.

Features of the Modus ED SWT Focused Handpiece

  • Complete energy supply to the selected anatomical area
  • Quick and easy to use without tiring your hands
  • Easy mobility
  • Maintenance-free handpiece

Easy to change header options based on usage

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