Inceler Medikal

İnceler Medikal was established in Ankara in 2010. Our company, which started its work by providing after-sale technical service and proper spare parts support to many brands with 25 years of industry experience, started to design its own products since 2012.

Shockwaves, which first entered the medical literature in 1980 and are used as an ESWL system, (breaking kidney stones with shockwaves from outside the body) today have a wide range of clinical uses such as physiotherapy, orthopedics, urology, dermatology, veterinary medicine, cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, neurology. Our Modus ESWT Shockwave Therapy Group products, which have targeted and radial working principles, are known worldwide based on these areas of use and are manufactured with high quality standards in order to to be a reliable partner for doctors.

As a testament to our commitment to quality treatment for patients, our top priority has always been, and always will be, to ensure that our customers who use our technology receive consistent, frequent and comprehensive training. Therefore, İnceler Medikal continues its efforts to further develop shockwave technology and serve a wider range of treatments with its R&D engineers and leading doctors from the Faculty of Medicine.

Our Invasive Lithotripter ( Lithobox and Lithobox Zero ) and Non-Invasive Lithotripter ( Spark and Spark EM ) devices continue to be a great support to our physicians with their aesthetic designs, economical in-use benefits and successful results.

Acting with the awareness of customer satisfaction after the sale, which is our most important principle, we always take into account the needs of customers. Our teams, trained and specialized in their fields, ensure continuity of customer satisfaction with production, sales and after-sales technical support services. While aiming to keep bringing our products with advanced technology, reliable, ergonomic, economical and aesthetic parameters with our customers all over the world, our most important vision is to be a reliable decoupling partner.